BYOD-friendly Secure Mobile Email

For IT, securing the "killer app" is an imperative. The challenge has been that doing so has been at the expense of the user experience. LetMobile preserves the native user experience, assuring compliance.

Secure Mobile Email

Email is the "killer app" for mobile users, but securing corporate email has been met with user frustration as 3rd-party email clients lag features and experiences provided by the native email clients that most users prefer. LetMobile provides secure mobile email, while preserving the native user experience.

Webinar recording: How Compliance Violations can Derail Your BYOD Initiatives

The variety of available BYOD solutions can be overwhelming; so before you dive into a gruesome selection process you may want to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What are my real BYOD needs?
  2. How will they comply with my governance, risk and compliance requirements?
This Webinar from February 4th, 2014 discusses how to self-asses your BYOD policy to achieve your GRC goals and provides some real-life examples of the risks associated with  BYOD and means to mitigating them.
Randy Johnson, a data risk expert with Blue Orbit Group shares from his experience in developing IT, DLP and risk mitigation strategies and discuss GRC in the mobile era.
Pamela Cyr, VP North America for LetMobile presents the LetMobile solution and how it can help you achieve your governance, risk and compliance goals.
(4 Feb, 2014)

Webinar recording: BYOD Best Practices for Professional Services Firms

Vince Rossi, a seasoned executive in the data security space including leading the security business at McAfee, presents BYOD best practices from two perspectives – a consulting organization that is trusted with clients’ data and the information security challenges of BYOD.  If you are a security or IT professional, this Webinar presents proven best practices for professional service organizations that need to: 

• service large, mobile workforces 

• manage temporary consultants and contractors who need access to information and, 

• fully protect client information 

Vince is joined by Pam Cyr, LetMobile’s Vice President of North America.

(20 Nov, 2013)


Webinar recording: First hand from a CIO...

Steven DeLuca, CIO at The SI Organization (formerly Lockheed Martin), went through a rigorous exploration and evaluation process before choosing LetMobile for enabling BYOD. In this recorded webinar session Steve shares from his experience researching and testing available solutions (including MDM and containers), describes his selection process, and provides details about the rollout of the solution to users, user feedback, compliance and more. If you are an IT or security professional in need of a breakthrough BYOD solution, you will surely find this session to be of value.
[Note: black screen only appears in the first minute of the video]

(24 Sep, 2013)


Webinar recording: Imagine a Mobile Security Solution that...

(25 Aug, 2013)


Webinar recording: Mobile DLP - Avoiding the Big Mobile Leak

(25 June, 2013)


Webinar recording: Embrace BYOD with LetMobile and bigtincan

(7 February, 2013)


Webinar recording: To BYOD or not to BYOD? There is no question...

(11 December, 2012)


LetMobile Demo at the FutureGov Summit (by MSC Mobility)

(19 September, 2012)


DLP Classifactions Demo at the FutureGov Summit (by MSC Mobility)

(19 September, 2012)