A Threat and an Opportunity

As employees use their mobile devices for both work and play, the need to prevent the loss of corporate information, and to protect the corporate network from outsiders, is critical. As a provider of mobile collaboration or security services, you are ideally positioned to meet your customers’ needs to protect their most valuable information in a convenient, cost-effective solution.

  • Upsell to your customer base
  • Extend existing offerings
  • Generate new revenues
  • Offer new value-added services
  • Differentiate from the competition

Mobile Operators

For mobile operators, LetMobile is a new value-added service that can build differentiation and generate revenues. Since LetMobile intersects both mobile and cloud services, it is an ideal offering for operators that are venturing into the cloud. LetMobile Secure Mobile Email can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a bundle for enterprises and SMBs.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Hosted Email Service Providers

For both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mail services such as Exchange hosting, LetMobile is an exciting opportunity to build a competitive advantage and to increase margins with value-added services. For businesses of all sizes, securing mail is a high priority and mail hosting providers are in an ideal position to offer an immediate, transparent solution.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

For management security service providers (MSSP), LetMobile is an opportunity to expand your portfolio of services with branded, secure mobile Email. LetMobile is secure gateway that not only prevents data loss and theft on mobile devices, but also prevents loss of corporate credentials and unauthorized access to the corporate network.

IT Outsourcing Services

With LetMobile, outsourced IT organizations can meet their customer’s need for secure mobile access to corporate data with an easy-to-manage secure gateway that can be installed in the cloud or in the datacenter. LetMobile is a highly cost-effective solution to mobile security that effectively meets the needs of businesses of all sizes.

LetMobile Solution for Service Providers

LetMobile’s Secure Mobile Email solution for service providers enables you to provide access to mobile email and documents through a secure gateway. LetMobile’s unique solution does not store any information on a mobile device – eliminating data leakage if the device is lost or stolen. Unlike alternatives that require a dedicated mail application for work, or installation of a management solution on the device, LetMobile enables employees to continue using their native mail, calendar and contact apps for both personal and corporate purposes.

The solution for service providers features:

  • Cloud-based software as a service platform
  • Robust, scalable management platform
  • Multi-domain/multitenant environment
  • Domain-based policy definition and enforcement
  • Usage tracking and reporting
  • Integration with billing systems (optional)
  • White label customization