Secure Mobile Gateway

At LetMobile’s core technology stands an innovative gateway that provides secure and controlled access to corporate email, documents, and web-based applications from all types of personal mobile devices. That same gateway architecture allows easy deployment and is least intrusive to end-users.

From a security perspective, corporate data is no longer stored on the device, and the gateway enforces DLP and access control policy in real-time whenever such data is accessed. At the same time, this approach reduces substantially the cost of managing a quickly growing fleet of mobile devices, leaves users with full control of their devices, and retains the native and well-integrated user experience. LetMobile can be consumed as a pure cloud-based SaaS, or deployed on-premise. In both cases, deployment is seamless and there is no need to modify corporate mail and applications, communications protocols or end-user devices.

Access Control Policy

LetMobile enforces an organizational access control policy in real-time, in each and every access. Such policy can be based not only on the user identity and the device, but also on the geographical location, device type and condition (jailbroken/rooted), network from which access is made, time of the day, and even the content. Access can be blocked, filtered, or masked, allowing companies to implement sophisticated corporate and regulatory compliance rules.

All Access Logged for Compliance

LetMobile logs all access to corporate network and services, for forensic analysis and compliance reporting.

DLP 1: Corporate Data and Credentials Secured and Kept Off the Device

Mobile devices are often lost/stolen, and are often more vulnerable to attacks when connecting from less secure networks and geographical locations. With LetMobile, corporate data and user passwords are not stored on the device, and are fully secured on vulnerable communication links.

DLP 2: Block, Filter, or Mask Sensitive Content

LetMobile’s DLP rules allow you to identify sensitive content such as credit card and social security numbers, and to then restrict access to such content from any or all mobile devices. Sensitive content can be blocked completely, filtered out, or masked.

DLP 3: Integrate with a Corporate DLP System

Some companies have already defined sophisticated content classification rules in a central DLP system. LetMobile integrates with your corporate DLP to determine the sensitivity of specific content, and then applies the proper block/filter/mask rules.

Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

LetMobile’s gateway authenticates users based on their LetMobile credentials (which could be distinct from their corporate credentials), attached to a specific pre-enrolled device. In addition, risk-based authentication scheme can be applied based on the geographical location and network from which access is made. LetMobile’s secure authentication scheme can be used by any corporate application, whether or not access is actually made from a mobile device.

Strong Encryption in Communication and At Rest

All data that goes through the LetMobile service is always encrypted when in transit and when stored. LetMobile uses standard technologies such as SSL, ActiveSync for transport and AES256 for stored data.

Device and User Management

LetMobile includes a management console for controlling users and devices and for viewing current usage and compliance status. Users and devices can be automatically or manually provisioned and blocked. LetMobile also profiles access to provide alerts in case of insecure access or irregular user behavior.

Low-Touch Approach Does Not Require “Taking Over” the Device

Users often have a very personal view of their mobile devices, and as such are not always receptive to traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions (especially when personal devices are concerned). LetMobile does not require installing an agent on the device that gives control to corporate IT. There is no need to wipe out corporate data, since it is never stored on the device. No more complaints of battery drain, annoying device PIN code, privacy issues, etc.

Users Continue to Enjoy Native Integrated User Experience

LetMobile does not require users to log into a segregated workspace. Nor does it require them to use a specific non-native email client, or a designated secure browser to access corporate applications. Work and personal calendars and contacts are presented together in the native application of their device of choice.

Lowering Data Roaming Costs

LetMobile does not synchronize the entire email inbox, only headers. It only downloads the full message at the user’s request, giving them full control over the amount of data that is consumed. In practice, data saving often exceed 50% on average.

Complementing MDM and Secure Container Solutions

LetMobile’s gateway approach provides a low-touch alternative that also complements other mobility approaches. With LetMobile, it is easier, more secure, and more cost effective to provide BYOD solutions that are more widely available and more user-friendly. Use LetMobile to extend your existing mobility solutions to more users and more devices.

Solution Architecture and Support

LetMobile can be consumed as a pure cloud-based software-as-a-service architecture, with nothing to install, or be deployed in a traditional on-premise fashion.

LetMobile supports iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices.

LetMobile supports all ActiveSync-enabled email services, including but not limited to Microsoft Exchange (including the hosted version), Google Apps, and Lotus Notes.

LetMobile supports integration with Anti-Virus servers using standard ICAP interface.

LetMobile supports integration with centralized DLP systems using a dedicated API.