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The SI Organization

“It was important for us to effectively balance user privacy and usability without jeopardizing the security of our information assets. We looked at a number of mobile security solutions for our BYOD program, including those using a secure container approach, but we found the user experience or security to be lacking in all cases. With LetMobile, we have a product that meets the information security needs of a defense contractor, and a business partner who will support us as our mobile security needs continue to evolve. LetMobile also provides very powerful data loss protection (DLP) and content filtering capability to control what type of data gets to each mobile device, which is critical in our industry.”  - Steven DeLuca, Director and CIO at the SI Organization

When the SI decided to adopt a BYOD program they were looking for a solution that will balance the user experience with the information security needs of a defense contractor. They looked at a number of mobile security solutions and found the user experience or security to be lacking in all cases.

LetMobile's powerful data leak protection (DLP) and content filtering capabilities are critical in the defense industry and the LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway was found to meet the information security needs of the SI. And to maintain the balance between security and user experience, LetMobile doesn't require that SI users surrender control of their personal devices or use a container for reading their messages, thus allowing an uninterrupted user experience. 

Deveau, Bourgeois, Gagne, Hebert & Associates 

Deveau, Bourgeois, Gagne, Hebert & Associates is a regional full service law firm who has served its clients since the early 1970s. With its roots firmly established in the Laval, Quebec area, Deveau has enjoyed continuous growth, and services a number of businesses, as well as, individual clients across the province of Quebec. Deveau staff have a mission to advise their clients in the defense and development of their business and personal interests with the utmost rigor and professionalism and expertise.


  • Lawyers wanted to use a variety of personal smartphones/tablets to access corporate data
  • IT needed a way to secure these devices that would not impede staff productivity
  • Limited IT resources and budget were additional considerations


  • LetMobile’s SaaS deployment option eliminates need for IT to manage and support more hardware and software
  • No corporate data and no corporate passwords on the device ensure information assets are secure
  • LetMobile’s per user pricing model offered lowest TCO


  • Lawyers were up and running immediately with no learning curve
  • IT has a solution that is highly secure and gives them control over their growing mobile fleet
  • Successful implementation of a BYOD program that serves both lawyers and IT 

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ECI Telecom

“We have a large number of employees at many sites, using a growing number of devices. LetMobile gave us the flexibility and low cost of ownership that we needed to meet this challenge. Just as important, our employees like LetMobile because it works within their favorite mail apps and does not interfere with their personal use of the device.”  - Yuval Illuz, Head of Global Infrastructure, IT Innovation and Information Security at ECI Telecom

As the company chose to support a BYOD initiative, data security was the top concern. An MDM solution was being used in some cases, but did not fit the needs of a wider deployment. In addition, the IT environment was complex, varied and globally distributed. They needed a cost-effective solution that would work for their large, diverse workforce.

The LetMobile cloud-based Secure Mobile Email solution went into production with 500 users and the number continues to grow. LetMobile provides secure mobile mail on the full variety of personal devices with low management overhead, and complements and extends the company’s existing MDM investment.


Government ISP

“LetMobile gives us the high level of security required by government agencies. At the same time, it was easy to deploy and manage, even in our complex, multi-domain environment.”


The service provider needed to deliver secure mobile Email to a variety of government ministries with many different exchange servers and network infrastructures, all from a single location.


LetMobile was deployed as a private cloud in the ISP data center along with super-administrator tools for managing the different connected offices. Today there are 5 government offices connected, including thousands of employees, with more on the way. There is a local administrator in every office in addition to the super-administrator at the ISP.