Who Needs LetMobile?

LetMobile offers secure, easy to manage, non-intrusive access to corporate data on mobile devices. LetMobile provides a frictionless solution that does not take over the user device or require the use of containers and dedicated applications and environments.

  • Employees love LetMobile because it enables them to continue working with the native mail apps on their favorite devices, without changing the way they work, and without giving IT control over the device and their personal information.
  • Corporate security prefers LetMobile because it is more secure – corporate email, attachments and passwords are never left on the device; it is easy to enforce and manage security policies.
  • Corporate IT appreciates LetMobile because it is easy to deploy and manage without straining IT resources.
  • Corporate compliance can depend on LetMobile because it prevents data leakage – and provides policy enforcement, auditing and accountability that are required for proper regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate finance loves LetMobile because of the low total cost of ownership. LetMobile is priced as an affordable subscription, allowing for the same price any number of devices per each user; is inexpensive to manage, since users manage themselves; and saves substantially on your mobile bandwidth bill.

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