LetMobile Features

Keeps corporate data secure, prevents loss and theft

  • Corporate email is never stored on mobile devices
  • Attachments are managed to prevent leakage
  • Corporate passwords are never stored on mobile devices or on the LetMobile severs
  • Data is projected from the LetMobile server onto the device when the user wants to read it
  • All data transmissions take place over an encrypted channel (SSL)

Enforce access control and DLP policies

  • Multi-factor authentication based on password, device ID, and location
  • Real-time access control based on user identity, device type and risk, context (time, location), and content
  • Block, filter, and mask sensitive content
  • Integrate with corporate DLP to enforce policies based on document content

Centralized Management and Reports

  • Usage and risk dashboard
  • Define organizational and individual security and regulatory compliance policies
  • Configure timeouts, black/white lists, location-based restrictions, filtering and more
  • Audit reports

Seamless, natural user experience

  • Employees can access corporate mail from the native mobile apps – no need to install a dedicated app
  • No segregation between work and personal environments – no need for separate applications or a container environment

Cost effective to deploy and manage

  • Up and running on a new device in minutes
  • Scalable gateway server available as either a SaaS cloud service or on-premise
  • No changes required to existing Email server settings, ActiveSync network infrastructure or policies
  • Simple management console for setting security policies
  • Optional user self-service to reduce support overhead
  • Reduces roaming bandwidth and data plan consumption

Support for all popular smartphones and tablets

  • Apple iOS devices: iPhones, iPads, iPods, all versions
  • Android phones and tablets, all vendors, all versions
  • Immediate support for new devices and versions