Keep corporate data off the device

  • We call it security-by-absence. Since one cannot trust the device to implement security (think jailbreak/rooting), we do our best not to store any data on the device.
  • LetMobile allows users to view emails and documents, but not to save them to the device where control would be lost, nor to cut-and-paste information from them
  • If you instruct us to allow some users to store data for offline use, we will encrypt it, and the key will not be kept on the device

Powerful, real-time, fine-grained access control policy

  • Every piece of information consumed from a mobile device goes through our gateway, and is screened for corporate policies and regulatory compliance.
  • Like other solutions, we check for credentials. But we also allow you to enforce context-based policies based on a number of parameters such as the location of the device (e.g., EU compliance), policies based on the level of security of the device itself and the network from which it connects, etc.
  • Our real-time enforcement means that each view is subject to policy. No sensitive information crossing wrong borders. No need to wipe devices of departing employees.

Blocking or masking sensitive content

  • Access to some information from mobile devices should be restricted due to sensitivity, or to comply with certain regulatory requirements.
  • Our gateway provides basic content classification, based on regular expressions, to block or mask information such as credit card numbers, social security information, etc.

Audit all access

  • Security and DLP are incomplete if you cannot audit
  • LetMobile provides a host of reports that can tell you who had access to which information, when, from where, using what device and which network, etc.

Keep employees happy

  • What does that have to do with DLP? No security technology can prevent an unhappy employee from circumventing or otherwise bypassing security
  • LetMobile allows users to continue to use their device for both personal and work purposes using the native and integrated user experience, and without taking control of their personal device

Cost effective to deploy and manage

  • Scalable gateway server available as either a SaaS cloud service or on-premise
  • No changes required to existing network
  • Simple management console for setting security policies
  • Optional user self-service to reduce support overhead

Support for all popular smartphones and tablets

  • Apple iOS devices: iPhones, iPads, iPods, version 4 and above
  • Android phones and tablets, all vendors, version 2.2 and above
  • New support for Win8