Easier Deployment + Much Lower Management Costs = Faster ROI

Unlike secure container solutions, LetMobile is extremely easy to deploy and manage. When consumed as SaaS, there is nothing to deploy, and the service can be up and running in minutes. If deployed on-premise, it is fast and easy, and does not require reconfiguring the email network infrastructure. In both cases, users self-install and self-manage, not requiring the involvement of IT, and not requiring a separate license and deployment procedure for every new device.  The native and unified user experience increases users productivity, their satisfaction, and adoption rates (which is of course also an important component of overall security). All in all, the cost of deploying and managing LetMobile is often a fraction of the cost of running a secure container solution, resulting in a faster and more robust ROI.

Better Usability, User Satisfaction, and Security

Users of secure container solutions often complain about user experience degradation, as compared to native. With LetMobile, users continue to use the same native email app they are used to, without having to learn a new one, and without having to jump back and forth between environments just to coordinate emails and appointments. The native approach also allows easy access to OS productivity tools, e.g., Siri, widgets, etc. All in all, this experience reduces friction in deploying a new solution, and substantially improves user satisfaction. LetMobile encourages users to add as many devices as they wish, and when they wish, without having to lean on IT for that purpose, and without extra charge for additional devices. This again adds to user satisfaction and productivity, without incurring additional license and/or IT costs.

Security-wise, the fact that corporate data (email, attachments, appointments, and contacts), and even more importantly corporate passwords, are not stored on the device is a unique feature of LetMobile. In addition, LetMobile’s gateway adds another unique security mechanism, allowing administrators to implement corporate and governance policies, regulating who can have access, to which information, when, from where, and using which device.  Finally, greater user satisfaction and higher adoption rates also contribute substantially to security: first, due to greater device coverage, and second since users are not trying to find ways to bypass security measures

Complementary Solutions

While secure container email solutions protect corporate data inside the walls of a secure “sandbox”, they usually do not provide the best solution for the majority of users in the organization, and definitely not for all personal devices from which users may wish to access corporate email. LetMobile is a simpler solution that provides better usability, and is a lot more cost effective to deploy across a large number of users and devices.

Organizations that still prefer to use secure container solutions for a specific subset of users and corporate-owned devices, are still invited to adopt LetMobile for the rest of their employees, especially for BYOD and otherwise personal devices. All in all, they will enjoy the security benefits, user experience advantages, and cost-effective management capabilities.