Mobile Security – the Next Generation

MDM solutions were designed to manage the previous generation of mobile devices that were usually owned by the company and primarily used for work. This approach is still valid for managing and tracking mobile assets. But as the market transitions to smartphones and tablets that are often personally owned, and are used for both work and play, the most important requirements are shifting from management to security.

Today, most employees have multiple devices and expect access to all information, from all of them, all of the time. The cost of installing and managing MDM on personal devices is high. Furthermore, MDM solutions are often perceived as intrusive and battery hungry, making employees reluctant to install them on their own phones and tablets.

Security is the Order of the Day

The most important corporate asset on mobile devices is information. By providing the ability to lock down and erase lost devices (assuming that the device is connected and has not been rooted), MDM provides an implied security benefit. While management definitely adds to security, it cannot replace core security values. LetMobile’s security capabilities include:

  • Never storing corporate data on mobile devices
  • Securing the connection to the mobile device via a gateway that protects both the data and the internal network
  • Preventing leakage of attachments
  • Never storing corporate passwords on the device
  • Enforcing corporate and regulatory security policies
  • Maintaining a complete audit trail of access events

Complementary Solutions

While MDM is valuable for closely managing a fleet of corporate-issued devices, LetMobile is a simpler, more cost-effective, security solution for Email calendar and contacts that respects the user experience preferences and privacy requirements of the individual.

Organizations are invited to adopt LetMobile for their entire workforce, letting them enjoy the security benefits, user experience advantages, and cost-effective management capabilities. If additional management tools are necessary for specific devices, MDM can seamlessly complement LetMobile.

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