Preventing Data Leakage from Mobile Devices

Data Leak/Loss Prevention (DLP) systems reduce the risk of data breach incidents for corporate and third party data, and enable organizations to comply with regulatory standards such as SOX, HIPPA and PCI DSS.

When it comes to mobile devices, data loss is a genuine, ongoing risk. Mobile devices are frequently lost and stolen. They frequently connect to the organization through unprotected networks in hotels and public hotspots, and devices based on iOS and Android do not provide enterprise-grade security. So when a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, it is usually not very difficult to gain access to corporate data such as email, attachments, documents, and even corporate passwords. Even if the device is not lost, it is often possible to steal data through public network communications.

DLP with LetMobile

LetMobile provides a comprehensive solution to protecting corporate data that flows through mobile devices:

  • First and foremost, corporate data – mail, attachments, documents, calendars, and passwords – is never stored on the device. There is nothing to lose or steal!
  • The gateway implements comprehensive security policies that restrict and filter data that can be viewed on the mobile device based on identity, geography, content, and device type.