LetMobile Signs Global Distribution Agreement with IceFire

IceFire to work with its reselling and integration partners to bring the LetMobile solution to customers in the UK, South Africa and APAC

LetMobile today announced the appointment of IceFire as a Global Distribution Partner in order to address the growing demand for BYOD solutions in the enterprise market.  

“This has been brought about by the ever increasing need for Mobile Security and the BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives of organizations worldwide. We have decided to enter into this agreement with LetMobile in order to address security, management and compliance issues for our customers through our offices in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa ” says Chris Cleator, CEO of IceFire. “With the LetMobile secure email solutions, organizations can now extend management and security capabilities to mobile devices overnight.”

LetMobile gives enterprises the ability to control and secure access to corporate data for a large and diverse set of mobile devices in the workforce, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, with minimal impact – as a service. The result is a more productive, agile and protected organization at a significantly reduced investment.

"The workforce is demanding mobile devices at work, whether they are company issued or personal, leaving administrators scrambling to catch up and solve the security and management challenges this brings. We are specifically addressing these customers' needs with our gateway-based approach" said Dror Todress , CEO of LetMobile. “LetMobile provides enterprises with a secure email service for mobile devices, ensuring data protection and fostering workplace productivity. Employees get what they need to be productive from anywhere, using the native email app of their mobile device, without undue risk and expense to the enterprise, maintaining very low total-cost-of-ownershio (TCO).

A recent report from Forrester finds that 53 percent of employees use their own devices for work, marking a five percent increase from last year. The research firm also predicts that within three years, BYOD will be standard policy for most companies. LetMobile email security makes it easy for organizations to provide BYOD support, ensuring users and management never have to concern themselves with protection of files on their mobile devices.

About IceFire.

IceFire believes that customers should have choice and control of their IT systems. A Global Software and Services company to enterprises worldwide, IceFire delivers solutions that make people more productive and work environments more secure and manageable. IceFire supports organizations around the world with Security, Networking, Knowledge and Case Management Solutions which improve end-user productivity. With solutions including LetMobile, IceFire focuses on today's mobile, social and multi-platform world to help businesses stay competitive, minimize costs, and leverage existing software investment.

For more information, visit http://www.icefireglobal.com or contact your IceFire representative.

About LetMobile Secure Mobile E-mail

LetMobile provides a Secure Mobile Gateway that protects and manages access to corporate data.

Ultimate data security

·       Corporate data and passwords are not stored on the mobile device

·       The gateway controls access by location, time, content, device type, user or user group etc.

·       Real mobile DLP engine to enhance data security and regulatory compliance

Optimal  user experience

·       Users continue to enjoy their favorite mail apps for both corporate and personal mail. 

·       Security is transparent apart from a simple log-in to view corporate data.

·       No password is required to access the device.

·       Battery life is unaffected.

Lowest cost of ownership

·       Fast implementation on-site or as a cloud SaaS

·       No changes needed for collaboration platforms or network configuration.

·       User self-service management

About LetMobile

LetMobile is a leading provider of Secure Corporate Collaboration Solutions for Personal Mobile Devices.  LetMobile’s flagship product, Secure Mobile E-mail, is an easy to implement, frictionless solution for protecting corporate mail, calendars and contacts on any mobile phone, tablet or other device. Designed to secure the “Bring Your Own Device” revolution, LetMobile enables employees to seamlessly view mail from their favorite apps. With LetMobile’s Secure Mobile Gateway technology, corporate data and passwords are never stored on a mobile device – the best protection against loss, theft and malicious attack. Around the world, enterprises and service providers are using LetMobile to meet their mobile data security, auditing and compliance needs. Learn more at www.letmobile.com.


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