About LetMobile

LetMobile provides innovative solutions for securing corporate collaboration on personal mobile devices. LetMobile’s flagship product, Secure Mobile Email, is an easy to implement, frictionless solution for protecting corporate mail, attachments, calendars and contacts on any mobile phone or tablet. Designed to secure both personal and corporate devices, LetMobile enables employees to seamlessly view email from the native mobile apps – while keeping corporate data and login credentials safe.

LetMobile’s Secure Mobile Gateway technology is a unique approach to mobile security that prevents data loss and theft, while protecting the corporate network from unauthorized access. Unlike conventional approaches that use proprietary applications and bulky containers to segregate corporate data, LetMobile simply keeps the data where it belongs – off of the device. With LetMobile, corporate data and passwords are never stored on a mobile phone or tablet – the best protection against loss, theft and malicious attack.

Today, all mobile devices are “personal” – even if they are owned by the enterprise. They go to work, ride the train, and attend the weekend ball game. We are committed to helping companies realize the productivity benefits of using personal smart mobile devices for work, while minimizing the risks. We offer an elegant solution that enables IT professionals to take control over the use of personal devices and ensure data security that is virtually transparent for users.

Around the world, enterprises and service providers are using LetMobile to meet their mobile data security, auditing and compliance needs. Contact us to learn more about how LetMobile can work
for you.

Why LetMobile?

LetMobile is the simplest, most cost-effective and user-friendly solution available for secure mobile collaboration. It provides IT professionals with the data security, management controls and compliance tools they require, while eliminating the friction that is often a barrier for users.


  • Protects corporate email, attachments, calendar and contacts by not storing them on the device, mitigating the risks of device loss or theft and malware
  • Protects corporate credentials by not storing them on the device
  • Allows administrators to set rules and policies to govern access according to company policies and regulatory requirements
  • Provides a comprehensive administrator console to track, audit, report, respond to alerts, and manage access
  • Allows employees to use any mobile device of their choice, and to continue using the native Email, contacts and calendar application of their device
  • Makes corporate employees more productive (and happy!)